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SAVES ENERGY Greatly reduces the power consumption of your lighting fixture. Pays for it-self usually in under 1year!

LASTS INDEFINITELY No components to burn out. Helps to minimize lamp purchases

CUTS AIR CONDITIONING COSTS - Reduces overall BTU’s being generated by your lighting system.

DOES NOT AFFECT BALLAST - Lowers Ballast hot spot temperature

CONVERT 4  LAMP FIXTURES TO 3 LAMP OPERATIONShow a ROI formula for your new lamp purchases. The substantial  energy savings of the Pow-R-Shunt easily off sets the cost of the lamp change out



For Over 33 years, manufacturing                                        The Simplest Energy Saving Solution Made!



Slash your fluorescent lighting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions  by 50%

Over its life span, the average 2 lamp fluorescent fixture produces more greenhouse gas pollution than an automobile does in a single year.

Over the last 34 years, ENERSAVE has helped thousands of buildings slash their energy costs and reduce greenhouse pollution. With the revolutionary product, Pow-R-Shunt, fluorescent fixtures are "de-lamped" and the lamp is replaced with Pow-R-Shunts to help maintain illumination levels. 

Here's How

With most fluorescent fixtures, the tubes are wired in series. When you remove one tube in a two tube system, they both go out resulting in a non- usable circuit and uneven light levels.

Even if we remove both tubes, the ballast is still using power, resulting in wasted energy.

By replacing one tube with the Pow-R-Shunt, the lamp circuit remains in operation. The remaining tube operates at normal light output and brightness. Since the Pow-R-Shunt consumes negligible energy, you save the wattage of the lamp it replaces. You convert your two tube circuit to a one tube circuit, resulting in considerable savings. Four lamp fixtures can be converted to three or two lamp operations.

The Pow-R-Shunt has long been effective in reducing excessive light levels and energy costs by eliminating unneeded lamps from the lighting system. However, in the last few years, with the introduction of the new "high lumen" fluorescent lamps, the Pow-R-Shunt has taken on new meaning. These new lamps produce approximately 20% more light per watt than standard lamps and with excellent color rendering, which adds to see-ability.

In order to be cost effective in existing lighting systems, fewer of these high lumen lamps must be used. Again the Pow-R-Shunt fills the unneeded sockets. Typically, in a four lamp fixture, three of the new high lumen lamps and a Pow-R- Shunt produce the same light output with better color and more energy savings than four energy-saving fluorescent lamps. The substantial energy savings easily offsets the cost of the lamp change.

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